Индикаторы для Ка’Зикса, обновление лора Запостил Romakun

Добавлены индикаторы изоляции у пассивки Ка'Зикса, обновлена история у многих чемпионов, а так же небольшие правки в новых образах Джинкс и Нуну на грядущий Страховин 2015.

ПРИМЕЧАНИЕ: всё, что вы здесь увидите актуально только для тестового сервера и финальный результат на лайве может быть совсем другим.



Индикаторы для Ка'Зикса

Доблавены визуальные индикаторы для изолированных целей у пассивки Ка'Зикса

У Mecha Kha'Zix индикатор оставили таким же.


Обновление образов

Небольшие правки в Хеллоуинские образы Нуну и Джинкс. Так, например, анимация заряженной пассивки у Zombie Nunu теперь зелёная. 

Так же добавлена татуировка на руку йети Вилумпа.

У Slayer Jinx тоже добавлена татуировка на руку.

Обновление историй чемпионов

Риоты обновили лор у некоторых персонажей с Сумеречных Островов, чтобы их истории лучше вписывались с историей Киндред.


''All things must die... and yet I live on.'' 

The baleful revenant Mordekaiser is among the most terrifying and hateful spirits haunting the Shadow Isles. He has existed for countless centuries, shielded from true death by necromantic sorcery and the force of his own dark will. Those who dare face Mordekaiser in battle risk a horrific curse: he enslaves his victims' souls to become instruments of destruction.

Мордекайзер так же известен теперь как "The Lord of Death" вместо "The Master of Metal".


"Break their ranks and ride them down without mercy. Crush the living and feast on their terror.'' 

Hecarim is an armored colossus who charges from the Shadow Isles at the head of a deathly host of spectral horsemen to hunt the living. A monstrous fusion of man and beast, cursed to ride for eternity, Hecarim revels in slaughter and crushing souls beneath his armored hooves


''When wronged, we seek justice. When hurt, we strike back. When betrayed, the Spear of Vengeance strikes!'' 

A specter of wrath and retribution, Kalista is the undying spirit of vengeance, an armored nightmare summoned from the Shadow Isles to hunt deceivers and traitors. The betrayed may cry out in blood to be avenged, but Kalista only answers those whose cause she deems worthy of her skills. Woe betide those who become the focus of Kalista's wrath, for any pact sealed with this grim hunter can only end on the cold fire of her soul-spears."


 "'Death is not the end of the journey, it is just the beginning...'' 

The harbinger of oblivion, Karthus is an undying spirit whose haunting songs are a prelude to the horror of his nightmarish appearance. The living fear the eternity of undeath, but Karthus sees only beauty and purity in its embrace, a perfect union of life and death. When Karthus emerges from the Shadow Isles, it is to bring the joy of death to mortals as an apostle of the unliving.


''The mind is a wondrous thing to tear apart." 

Sadistic and cunning, Thresh is a restless spirit who prides himself on tormenting mortals and breaking them with slow, excruciating inventiveness. His victims suffer far beyond the point of death, for Thresh wreaks agony upon their souls, imprisoning them in his lantern to torture for all eternity."

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